Titania Guild Rules & Introductions

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Titania Guild Rules & Introductions

Post  ~LOST~ on Wed Sep 02, 2009 8:13 pm

Titania is the coolest guild at Valkyrie Server. We have the greatest members of all. Not all of us can be online at the same time but we still are great. The guild is build for friends and partying purposes. We do WOE for fun. Our Alt-guild is a training ground before entering the main guild.
Guild lvl : 5
Guild Master : Kenshin Jr
Guildsmen : 28+5(alt)
Avg lvl of guildsmen : 80

Titania Rules
1. Be active and make full use of the forum
2. NO botting in RO
3. Be nice to guildies and other players
4. Do not KS other players
5. Active leveling in a party with guild member
6. Happy, Friendly, Fun guildies
7. A full commitment is needed for the ALT guild for evaluation
8. Post at the forum if you are busy in real life to prevent from getting expelled
9. Help each other on anything regarding RO and also real life issues

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