Strawberry sales.

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Strawberry sales.

Post  -Freed- on Tue Sep 08, 2009 4:53 pm


I'm assuming that we'll be doing WoE and such. so, perhaps SP-heavy classes may want to heed this offer.

Strawberries are pretty helpful in terms of SP restoration, but it's kinda hard to go out and search for them, yes? the prices at the merchants also seem to fluctuate (some sell them for 1200, others for 2400 O_o), so, seeing this, I've decided to help out the guild members. that is, if they need, or desire help.

since I train a lot on wolves, mainly to search for HP restoratives, I stumble across a great amount of strawberries. I've been trying to sell them, but no one seems to hear someone who's selling but isn't a merchant. I sell my strawberries at 1k a piece, very cheap compared to other prices. since I'm offering this to guild members, I'll sell them at 900 to you all. is that a good deal? you decide.

in short, I'm selling strawberries for 900z to anyone who needs them.

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