Member's profile requirement

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Member's profile requirement

Post  ~LOST~ on Tue Sep 08, 2009 6:06 pm

To get a member profile(click to see!) like that, you need to send me a forum PM this following contents:

Picture that are at least 400x400(wallpapers are recommended)
Bio: at least 3 line of this
Nickname:your nickname
Ingame acc:Your main acc or if its not in titania guilds, then your char name thats in guild

Explanation of ranks:Ranks can be gained if you're a special member, wether in forum or in guild. Ken will give me a permission to give you in game rank(Guild leader, council, etc)

And to gain ranks in forum, you can:
Win a competition[coming soon]
Work[See job application at Titania HQ]
Be moderators[closed for now]

All members profile will use their first letter!

Main letter will be writen with Stencil
and make sure o write ur bio as 3rd person prespective

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