Alliance with Spirit Draconis

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Alliance with Spirit Draconis

Post  kali04 on Mon Sep 21, 2009 9:16 am

Hi everyone!

This past Saturday, Coheed7 (Cervelo's sin) had WOE with his guild, Spirit Draconis. They were able to capture a castle within the last 10 minutes but were defeated by some other guild the last minute. kali04 (my hunter) did not play RO during that WOE time (I checked our guild but there was noone on by 3pm PST). After WOE, I logged on althea14 (my priest) and she happened to be in Payon, right beside Spirit Draconis' meeting place. Murakumo (Spirit Draconis' GM if anyone doesn't know) saw me and asked if Ken was on. I told him I'm in the alt guild (which he didn't know existed) so I checked through kali. Still noone was on...

I just told Mura that Ken has been really busy with school... Mura wants me to tell all of you that we are all welcome to assist them in WOE even if Ken is not around. He said that they could've really used our help this previous Saturday's WOE. I told him we are still organizing our guild to have people supervise in WOE aside from Ken.

I admitted to him that I could've helped with kali but was so discouraged when I saw that nobody else was on... >.<

And Ken, I suggest that you talk to Mura yourself to clear things up. When I asked him, he said he hasn't seen you for a long time. I was hoping you had at least talked to him. I hope I didn't tell him anything that you wouldn't have wanted him to know... >.< Sorry, but I didn't know what else to say to him... Sad

I miss you all!

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