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Titania Forum rules

Post  ~LOST~ on Wed Sep 02, 2009 7:13 pm

Titania Forum Rules

1. Respect each other.
2. Dont spam!
3. Dont scam!
4. No porn allowed!!!It's the forum provider's rule not ours
5. Swearing are allowed, but please know your limit
6. No "Power Abusing" For mods and Admins
7. Post at the right topic[Or it will be moved]
8. Avatar must be 75x75/100x100[for best quality]
9. No oversized signature. Please
10. Use your ragnarok id name only please, so that we can recognize users easily

Fail to follow any of those above will receive a fitting consequences
Thats all so far. If you have any idea about anything please PM me, and ill judge the Idea

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